Woody won well throughout his puppy career gaining several Best Puppy in Breed awards his Junior Warrant and stud book number whilst still a puppy. He was a Mancunian Pup of the Year qualifier in 2010 and Cotswold Dog of the Year qualifier in 2010, 11 & 12. He picked up his first RCC at Windsor closely followed by a second from East of England . His first CC came from the Irish Boxer Club followed by a second at the LKA. He then started the year at Manchester with a third RCC, At the Tyne Wear and Tees he moved into the upper house with his third CC becoming a Champion. He picked up his fourth RCC from Border Union. This brindle & white dog has a beautiful expression derived from a clean and well balanced head, correct eye shape and lip placement good mouth and also showing the desired chin. All male with lovely bone he excels in forehand, lovely crested neck, level topline and correct tailset make him beautifully balanced  and totally unexaggerated he is an accurate mover. Lovely temperament and Heart Tested clear.

              3  cc   4 RCC                                                           PEDIGREE